We call this configuration ‘basic’ but it is far from it.

The Flexion Basic offers all of the important features of the Flexion Advanced and comes fully prepared for documentation upgrades; available whenever you wish.

High intensity, fanless, built-in and colour corrected LED light source provides brilliant (5500k) pure white light for optimal viewing and photography. Further to this, there are no delicate fibre-optic cables that easily break or become entangled; 5-step apochromatic magnification changer 0,4/0,6/1/1,6/2,5; Beam Splitter with 30 degree incline and rear photo tube port for optimal ergonomics and near perfect symmetrical balance; Focus objective f=250 mm; Our 0-200 degree inclinable binocular tube offers a huge range of vertical flexibility for comfortable positioning; Our unique and patented MonoBall coupling allows fluid and smooth repositioning at all angles without having to loosen and retighten knobs whilst doing so; Built-in orange composite filter; Our unrivalled optical coatings and optimal alignment provides the most efficient light transmission to the user and camera; The Flexion’s rotation plate allows the user to remain in an upright and ergonomic position (head upright to the binoculars) whilst the microscope is angled right or left; Ergonomically placed control knobs and handles ensure that all functions are immediately at your fingertips for all inter-procedure changes; Long and stable suspension arms are the same for wall, ceiling and compact floor-stand systems. Mounted to suit you. Precision manufactured in Germany to their highest standards. The Flexion is built to last a lifetime.

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Varemerke: CJ-OPTIK GmbH & Co. KG

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